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My valentines party

I am fantasizing a Reclaim Valentines Day party. A party dedicated to love, without the mating-and-dating imperative. All the fun of 2nd-grade V-Day minus the popularity politics. Here’s how it goes:

It has the essential bones of my favourite party-type endeavors: an intimate and funky space like the Dharmalab, a few choice dance-crazy dj’s, possibly some live-music jamming, good snacks, minimal alcohol, and a broad range of partyers of all ages and socio-spheres, with particular emphasis on the activisty arty tribee family interconnections. All are welcome.

Everyone is required (or strongly suggested) to bring VALENTINES! The real kind of valentines, bought from the dollar store or drugstore. You know, the ones with a picture of a bee that says “won’t you BEE mine?”, and fire engines and puppydogs, and of course, a special one For Teacher. I’ve noticed these getting harder to find, as corporate entertainment takes over the world—but you can still have fun with a Star Wars or a Hello Kitty or Transformers collection. My own selections this year, left behind in the mailboxes at Upaya, were Spiderman and Thomas the Tank Engine.

If you feel inspired you could also hand-make your own, either simple or elaborate, or in the form of goodies or gifts. But cheap and cheesy is just as well.

So everyone arrives at the party with a clutch of valentines. There will also be a bin of extras for people who didn’t quite get it together. And you are free to toss yours into the bin and exchange for others if you like.

And then, let the VALENTINES begin! throughout the night you can write valentines to anyone, friend, lover, or stranger, no reply needed, no strings attached. Anonymity is encouraged. You can ask someone to deliver your valentines for you, or you can have them delivered by one of the roving cupids who are circulating through the party.

The dress code of course is red and pink, think sparkles and ruffles and tutus. Raid any 5-yr-old girl’s closet for inspiration.

Everyone arrives with abundant love and leaves with abundant love, having given it all away and been undiminished by the effort.

What do you say? Will you come to my party?




2 Comments on “My valentines party

  1. Yes yes yes! I was trying to find those exact types of Valentines cards today, and thought of you.

    Wanna see you now that you’re back in town. xo

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