About Bicycle Buddha

Bicycle Buddha is the blog of me: Carmen. I am a short, scrappy, just-past-middle-aged red-headed female-identified person living mostly in Vancouver and Cortes Island, BC. I am a writer, a graphic designer, a knitter, a community activator and a maker of  mischief. I’ve been a bicycle person all my life and a student of the buddhist path for a couple dozen years, most particularly in the Zen tradition.  I am not an expert at either bikes or buddhism. Just a curious beginner. This blog contains my field notes from the place where the rubber hits the road.

For more about what bikes and the bald guy have in common (hint: it’s all about FREEDOM), please check out my essay Notes from a Bicycle Buddha, from the On Bicycles anthology.

Bicycle Buddha invites your comments and your guest posts. If you have a real-life dharma story to share please get in touch and I will consider it for posting. And hey if you want to rack up a few bonus frequent-flyer karma points, please feel free to toss me some dana (generosity), to help keep me in WiFi and soy lattes.

Bicycle Buddha is dedicated, with deepest respect, to all my teachers: the gurus and the lamas, the writers and the dancers, the sages and freaks and fools and the rocks and the trees. To the ants and the whales and the wind and the sky; to my ancestors and my descendants. To all my relations.

Thank you so much for blessing Bicycle Buddha with your time and attention – may your path be full of enlightenment, and may your flats be few and far between.

Please, enjoy! Deepest thanks for your time.

Bowing deeply over the handlebars,

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