About Bicycle Buddha

Bikes and the Buddha are about about riding the ups and downs, about facing reality, life as it is, life, and death, suffering, joy, and FREEDOM!

Bicycle Buddha is my journal of self-propelled dharma. The word dharma has two basic definitions:
1) the teachings of the Buddha, and interpretations thereof
2) the experience of  phenomena: the way things really are

This particular dharma consists of my rambling observations from the intersection of teaching and experience. Beyond theory, this is the place where the rubber hits the road.

I’ve been a bicycle person all my life, and have been dabbling in Buddhist philosophy for just a smidgen of that time. I’ve never undertaken a formal path of study and I am by no means a dharma expert in the classical sense. These writings are simply my creative ramblings, sometimes riffing on Buddhist themes. I hope that if you are a real dharma geek you will be tolerant of my liberal interpretations.

For more elaboration on what exactly bikes and the Buddha have in common, please check out my essay Notes from a Bicycle Buddha, which was recently published in On Bicycles.

Bicycle Buddha invites your comments, and your guest posts. If you have a real-life dharma story to share please email me, and I will consider it for posting.

Bicycle Buddha is dedicated, with deepest respect, to all my teachers – the gurus and the lamas, the writers and the dancers, the sages and freaks and fools and the rocks and the trees; to the ants and the whales and the wind and the sky; to my ancestors and my descendants. To all my relations.

Thank you so much for blessing Bicycle Buddha with your time and attention – may your path be enlightening and may your flats be few and far far between.



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