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Gratitude for friends

Oh my friends, my friends, my people. How blessed am I in this world of cold screens and empty rooms, to have this widely woven net of flesh-and-blood friends. You are there for me in my morning terrors, ready to answer the phone before you’ve even had coffee. You are there when I need a couch to crash on, an ear to vent into, a lift in a car with all of my stuff, help with my computer, a cup of milk, an onion. You are there to celebrate my little victories and to cheer me on in my endeavors, pompoms waving like mad. You are there. You are here. You are real, and really — what more can one want in this wandering life, but this.

One Commnet on “Gratitude for friends

  1. My goodness friends are so important, and as you age even more . It’s so easy in our fast moving lives to loose touch . Apparently loneliness is the current killer for the ageing population as it’s so easy to get out of the habit to talk to strangers . As I’m often on busses and trains with the Brompton I’m always starting conversations as this is what you will have to do if you want to break the feeling of isolation that comes with ageing

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