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What’s dying?

What’s dying? An expired passion? Neglected dream? A situation that no longer serves you?

If it’s time for it to die, help it die. Create a ritual in which you finish your relationship with it, let it go, and make room for a new thing that’ll be born out of the emptiness. – Rob Brezsny

It’s time for this blog to die. It feels outdated, outmoded, a bit of an albatross. Its begging and whining has become more of a hindrance to me than a help. Bicycle Buddha has been my megaphone for more than a decade, and it’s time to move on.

I’m an egg priest, says my teacher Michael — forming in my shell, getting ready to be born. My immediate task is to procure ten yards of crow-black linen to sew my buddha’s robe. When it is done I will wrap myself in its mysterious cocoon and see what hatches from the emptiness within.

I am so grateful for this medium, and for the friends who have goaded and cheered me along in my bloggings. Bows to Scott and Romina and Patti, and to the memory of Robin. Bows to Tony, my tireless one-man fan base. Bows to all the bikers and oddballs who’ve cheered me along this bumpy road. We keep on writing and riding and abiding. What dies waits to be reborn.

See you soon!

The End.

One Commnet on “What’s dying?

  1. It’s funny how I occasionally check out your blog just in case you decide to carry on .i miss hearing what you’re up to , so be it .
    I’ve found a new interest in that small variety of chickens .As my neck is still not strong enough to cycle , though I still Trike , and age is knocking pets are an answer

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