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Karmic Economics: The Prologue

OK so I’ve been telling people for years that I am, theoretically, writing a book on Karmic Economics.

Write the damn book, they say.

So here it is: the beginning of the book.

Karmic Economics – the what and the why

Karmic Economics is about not surrendering your power to money. It is about unconditional happiness. It is about activating karma – taking control of free will and stepping into a world without limits, where there is truly nothing you “can’t afford.”

I am not talking about opting out of the System. I’m not saying that money is bad. Money is simply a form of energy exchange, like labour or speech or sex. It has its uses, but it is essentially neutral. What is not neutral is our own power that we give away, to money – our brief sparkling lives, which we so easily surrender, in pursuit of a simple medium that has no inherent value. King Midas found that out – all he wished for was gold, but to his horror, he realized that he couldn’t eat it or sleep on it or find love in it – the hardest lesson of all, learned when he touched his beloved daughter and she turned into a golden statue. Money is neither here nor there. And although I think the global capitalist system is highly implosive and destructive, I don’t think money, or the generation of it, is evil.

I am also not talking about voluntary simplicity, although I’m a big fan and proponent of the simple life. That’s part of the picture, but it is not the whole story.

Karmic economics is about being truly rich – having everything you want and need – without ever being restrained by anxiety about money. It is about grabbing that karmic wheel and giving it a hard spin, givin’ it up to the Mystery! – and getting it all back, with interest.



1. How I got rich
2. How to ask for help
3. Fun for Free saves the world
4. Working the karma
5. Property and Progeny
6. A roof over your head
7. Fear of scarcity
8. The illusion of security
9. Repossessing free will
10. The joy of minimalism
11. Never work for money
12. The Universe provides

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