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What is the sound of Bicycle Buddha?

Hey you know what’s better than just about anything? PODCASTS! Yeah well i guess that’s old news, i can hear the gritty sound of you media hipsters rolling your eyeballs. But since i have been in recuperation (not rehab) for the past while i can tell you definitively that nothing, NOTHING,  beats listening to a choice podcast while doing yoga. Or while knitting. Dharma talks for yoga, anything for knitting. I know, I know…i’m always pushing unitasking not multitasking…but in the case of a good podcast an exception can be made.

As if you’d asked, here are my 10 fave podcasts in no particular order:

Heavyweight— Jonathan Goldstein goes back to the moment everything changed.
Everything is Alive—Unscripted interviews with inanimate objects.
Shit Town— 7-part serial starts as a murder mystery but really it’s…something else…
99% Invisible — Short docs on design and general human weirdness
The Adam Buxton Podcast—likeable British actor’s rambling chats interspersed with wacky jingles
The Allusionist—A Podcast about Language by Helen Zaltzman who cracks me up
Snap Judgment—Stories. Stories. Stories.
Shift Up Podcast—Bicycle Industry Podcast by Bikeshop Girl Arleigh Greenwald
Upaya Dharma Podcasts—Dharma talks by contemporary Buddhist rock stars. You might need to subscribe, no charge.
Ear Hustle—Stories of life inside prison, produced in San Quentin, CA

And so dear friends in exchange for divulging my personal horde, please help me out here by answering two questions:

  1.  What are you listening to?
  2.  If Bicycle Buddha were a Podcast, how would it sound?



2 Comments on “What is the sound of Bicycle Buddha?

  1. I guess the exchange requires a response but I don’t have podcasts to offer. Mostly I listen to music to keep the low attention span parts of my mind entertained while I work. I don’t think I have times I could listen to podcasts because presumably they require actually listening.

    However, if Bicycle Buddha were a Podcast I think it would sound thoughtful and thought provoking, safe and intimate like a friend, maybe a little gravelly. It would have humour and challenge, simplicity and complexity, honesty and connection. I think it would be something I’d like to make time for.

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