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Kenny takes a fall

Yesterday the Buddha was out on the deck of his house chasing Kasha the karmic kitty. He leaned on the railing which – surprise! – gave way. The Buddha did an aerial 360 and fell 12 feet, landing on his back with his legs in the blackberry bramble and his upper body on the deck.

We called 911, and from away off up the island we heard the siren coming and coming and coming. Two attractive women paramedics rushed in and found Kenny reclining in a deep bubble bath, with a lump rising off the back of his head. They sat on the edge of the tub for a full hour as the bubbles dispersed, trying to pursuade Kenny to get into the ambulance so they could take him to the Coast Guard boat which was waiting to take him to the hospital in Campbell River.

The paramedics fought like wolverines but Kenny was calmly insistent that he was capable of  surviving the night without an embolism. – Furthermore, he patiently explained, thanks to his martial arts training he knew how to roll in a fall, and thus had been able to avoid a cranial concussion.

In the end the paramedics gave up. They handed Kenny the waiver of refusal (him still in the tub), and then they phoned to release the waiting coast guard boat. After a brief confab the paramedics decided against calling the RCMP on Quadra Island to hogtie Kenny and stuff him into the ambulance, since he had already signed the waiver, and anyway, the boat had already left.

All day today the Buddha has been holed up in bed with a really sore body (but apparently intact brain), watching war documentaries and reading back issues of Shambhala Sun, and occasionally hobbling about. People have been dropping by to visit him, and everyone i meet in Mansons Landing says “Oh! Is kenny ok?! was that the ambulance we heard last night?!”

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