Waxing & waning

Once I was in the waxing phase, and then I was full.

I was getting it all together. I had many plump nouns to prop up my name. Graphic Designer, Business Owner, Community Organizer, Lover and Sister and Daughter and Partner, Founder and Spokesperson of this and that and the other thing too.

The tide turned.

Now at 46 I am in the waning phase, crumbling to dust. I have no possessions, no insurance, no family, no career, no plans and no nouns. More and more every day, I am less of anything and more of nothing at all.

One Response to “Waxing & waning”

  1. greg blanchette Says:

    Hah! Groundless. Those proper nouns are seductive, so long as you don’t look behind the screen on which they are printed. I too am fading away. It doesn’t bother me (much).

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