the binding of baskets and nets

49a9d142677e4_63192bRealize the fundamental point, free from the binding of nets and baskets.
Eihei Dogen Zenji, Recommending Zazen to All People

Just do it! called Nike, of glory and speed. With a flash of white sneakers running into the night.

Do i gotta? I plead, left to pout in the dust, do i gotta, do i haveta, for what reason and rhyme? Echo of her laugh on the wind as she flies. Just do it, just do it, just do it. Just do.

But oh! the nets and the baskets, the boxes and bags. Where is my basket and what is my box? Definiton, limitation, punishment, reward. Security, freedom, a trap and a home. To catch and to hold and to carry and keep. Where is the reason and what is the point?

And what about fame then, and money, and love? If there’s nothing to grasp for, and nothing to hold? Don’t ask what the point is. Just do it. Because. Of the basket of air and the net, full of holes.

3 Responses to “the binding of baskets and nets”

  1. Pattipow Says:

    I read this and think, geez, I gotta start meditating. Love to you my friend, in all your doings.

  2. Tannis Says:

    I read this and I think “that Carmen sure is a smart cookie”.

  3. Linda Says:

    Because zazen is the way to liberation. Little by little chip away at the inexhaustible number of delusions. Peace to you.

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