No muss no fuss

zen hairdoBzzzzzzzzzzzz…gone! Years of old memories, a tangled mass of chemically tormented dead cellulose, a dry pile of old me, fallen to the bathroom floor and carried out with the trash.

  1. My head, my body, my spirit feel lighter. Passing a mirror i catch the sun glowing through my backlit ears. What hair is left is a patchwork of chile-pepper and salt. I look kind of like a boy, it is true—all that tortured femininity gone with one sweep of the clippers. But it’s ok. I feel light, and my eyes look very alive.
<<backstory of my hair here>>

2 Responses to “No muss no fuss”

  1. Heather Says:

    Wow, what a change! But I think you look great.

  2. Jym Says:

    ≈ Carried out to the trash? You should have sent it to those unbelievers who don’t have photos of you at age 5.

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