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A letter to 10-year-old me

nightskyDear little girl with the wild red hair and mad eyes. Buck up kiddo. Here is the life you will lead when you are 50.

You will live in a sunny apartment in the coolest neighbourhood in the most beautiful city on earth. Your best buddy will live on the other side of your closet wall. You will live in the high desert in a community of wise monks. You will live alone in a cabin deep in the rainforest.

You will swim naked in the Pacific Ocean. You will ride a fine silver bike. Sometimes you will dance all night and other times you will rise before dawn and nap all afternoon. You will do work that is fun to do—in fact, you will make art, for good people. You will have countless funny friends, some of whom are old people and some of whom are children. You will have plenty of willing shoulders to cry on. You will be well loved and well forgiven. You will have cute sexy lovers. You will not have much money but you will have all that you need. Your life will be shot through with fine silver threads of magic.

You cannot imagine what your life will look like in 50 years, but trust me—it will be good, and it will be all that you deserve.



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