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New bike, new bike, new bike

I’m getting a bike, a brand new bike! I ordered it direct from the manufacturer on my credit card. My mail-order bride. It will arrive soon at the shop packed flat in a box. The boys at the shop will put it together, and then it will be mine.

It is a beautiful creature, this bike. Brushed silver, with hydraulic disc brakes, buttery shifters and silky hubs. Tough and tiny. A sleek light machine for riding and touring and flying. A very good value, even at retail price—and working in the bike shop, I am getting it for a song.

A new bike, for body and soul. This was one of the three expenditures I vowed in my New Years Renunciations. (The dental work and the trip to New York are still to come.)

All day I sell bikes to folks and I tell them, this bike is the right one for you. It will make you want to ride everywhere. You will never regret it. You are worth the investment. Buy a good lock, lock it tight, say a little prayer and walk away. Love it well but don’t get attached.

Now it is time to take my own advice: walk my talk and ride my ride.

3 Comments on “New bike, new bike, new bike

  1. Come on now, you have to help out the addicts with a little bit of detail beyond that, what’s the make & model?

    Also if you’re interested I have a TiGr titanium bow lock I’d let go cheapish. It hasn’t worked so well for me because of how my cables are routed on my Surlies, alas.

  2. New bike! Amazing! Happy happy happy. These new machines are magic carpet rides. Everything you said, click click click, sweet silent smooth. Credit card? Sad sad sad. But new bike? Happy happy happy!

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