I just bought a bus

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI appealed to the Universe for a tiny house surrounded by big trees. Said the Universe: “Voilà! Yours. On wheels.”

My new house is a 1979 Chevy shortbus, remodelled by a shipwright. She is  rat-proof, watertight, and fully seaworthy. The curved box behind the drivers’ seat is a built-in guitar case. She even drives.

I have a home, and it is mine.












6 Responses to “I just bought a bus”

  1. sharai Says:

    AMAZING!!! i hope to go for a visit!

  2. Heather Says:

    Congratulations! She’s beautiful.

  3. noelle peacock Says:

    Just beautiful, I am fighting the green demons. Wishing you well in your new home.

  4. Sharon English Says:

    Carmen–this is wonderful. The Universe indeed has a sense of humor. Thank god.
    I’m happy for you, my friend.

  5. Mitey Miss Says:

    …And her name is Robin Wheeler, yes?

  6. carmen Says:

    i am waiting to see if a name for the vessel emerges, but ‘Robin’ hass certainly come to mind! and she’s a wheeler, of course. i have a photo of Robin on the dashboard. she would be thrilled and amused…Robin had a house/bus too! she was all about repurposing. 🙂

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