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Meeting the buddha on the road

Spine extended, shoulders back, chin slightly tucked. Elbows out and relaxed, like holding an egg gently in each armpit. Trying, but not trying too hard. Going for the sweet spot between effort and ease. On the uphill watching breath, on the downhill, watching breath.

In the rhythm of the ride mind spins off into cadence not remembering, not planning, not thinking. Dapple sunlight whirring wheels.

On this rolling retreat we journey, each alone, yet together. Forging intimacy in the synchrony of movement and purpose. In moments of hill and heat, of flat tires and fatigue, in the violence of engines, in the blessing of the breeze, the sangha holds my handlebars steady. Supporting practice. Generating joy.



<<To the ten intrepid riders of the first Bicycle Buddha Adventure Tour, July 30 – Aug 5, thank you for seven days and some 400km – you ROCK my world and you ROLL my soul!>>

Photos from the Epic Journey are here.

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