Dear Bike Lady

woman bike ad- freedom_1woman bike ad- freedom_1 butterfly bikerI  tossed off a rant called Stop Selling Shit Bikes to Women, two-and-a-half years back. It got posted to Reddit and went viral, getting 20,000+ views and hundreds of comments within a couple of days. The amazing thing is, I still regularly get emails based on that article. Most are from 40+ women who want to find bikes that are comfortable, durable and efficient. Many feel badly served and unrespected by bike retailers. They ask my advice and I give what I can. I didn’t apply for this job but apparently, I am The Bike Lady.

Why am I The Bike Lady? Roshi Joan talks about identifying one’s ‘north star precept’. A personal core mission statement, that can shift over time, but which will always show you the way home. My north star precept is to liberate myself and others from fear. The best way I know to experience joy and overcome fear is simply to get on my bike. The bike wheel morphs like a 3D postcard, from dharma wheel to bike wheel and back again. The wheels promise freedom and they deliver the goods. My job is to pass it on.

So here I find myself once again, as ever, in transition. Moving soon from Cortes back to Vancouver and trying to figure out what to do there. Knowing I need some sort of job or project to keep me grounded and to pay the rent. Running through the many possibilities i notice that what lights me up from inside, always, is the dharma—the self-evident truth—of the bicycle.

So hey people here’s my question: how best can I help others to rediscover their freedom, through bikes? For all my semi-illlustrious career moves and brief stabs at fame, my lowly job as bikeshop drudge has offered me the most brilliant flashes of pure fulfillment. My passion is helping folks find their perfect ride, and coaching them through to confidence. I especially like to help women, and in particular, those of that certain age (my age), to ride comfortably and efficiently.

Dear Universe, I am standing by ready to receive. Does anyone see an opening for a Bike Lady now?

3 Comments on “Dear Bike Lady

  1. Yay! I’m all for a comfortable, easy-to-ride bike since I’m trying to ride more to reduce environmental impact. Thought about buying a guy’s bike once. Decided that I definitely need more than 3 gears, lol.

  2. Hey Carmen! I think of u & your bus many times. I know what u mean re that feeling of freedom on the bike! I too wonder how to help others feel that same freedom while also helping them overcome their fears. We should join up some how. Im on the east coast these days, in Virginia. Perhaps we could talk someday again & brainstorm some ideas!
    With warm regards. Christine : )

  3. I saw sign and ad at Bike Doctor store in Vancouver. They certainly could use someone like you..

    JV Bikes is not far from us. We like them too and they have some good mechanics.

    Also try The Hub to see if they need any temporary help. It’s Vancouver’s cycling advocacy organization.

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