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Yoga is saving my life

I’m almost a biped again, yip yip! Six weeks to the day of my tumble I have graduated to listing along penguin-style, mostly without crutches. It’s a slow hop-along journey. The night I fell off my bike, with my pelvis busted in three places, I stretched. Without an accurate notion of what my injuries were …

Life of Carmen

Oh Universe send me meaningful work

Hello to my loyal fanbase—all both of you! Sorry I’ve been out of touch. It’s been a wild  time. Here’s what went down. One year ago last June, just after I hauled my monkish ass back to Vancouver after 6 months at San Francisco Zen Center, Bicycle Buddha got hacked to smithereens. Twelve years of  …

Life of Carmen

In Canada people are breathing

In Canada people are breathing. I notice this the moment I step off the plane, home from San Francisco for a weekend visit. There is spaciousness here, where people draw breath full down to the belly and then, in a natural and relaxed manner, release the diaphragm and gently exhale. In America it is different. …