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Get rid of that shit

I just spent the day on a team mercy mission, mucking out a four-bedroom bungalow full of some poor guy’s shit.

Good god…thirty years of clothes and products and papers and porn mags and obsolete electronic equipment, plates, pots crockpots and twist ties and on and on and on…three of everything. Apparently the house was so jammed with stuff no one could find anything so they just went out and bought another one.

So many of us carry the heavy burden of stuff, generations of it, useless crap, useful crap…self-storage lockers crammed with self, with things they can’t let go. the psychological baggage as heavy as all those cartons marked and packed away. all the neurosis and hunger of the world wrapped in newspaper for eternity. yeesh. makes me want to purge.

But i still have a few boxes, packed away here and there.

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