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Lost my ride

It had to happen some day…turned my back for a moment, caught a flash out of the corner of my eye, and…

Gone. Simply gone.

My baby, my ride…sweet little silverblue nishiki roadbike (and i do mean small). with orange leather duct-taped seat, dirtier than she deserved to be, straight bars and a funny brake accelerator, rear rack and green pannier full of ratty raingear.

I had her for 2 years, rode her thousands of km, but she came to me with over 100,000 city courier km under her wheels. I gave her new wheels but couriers would still ride up behind me downtown and say hey! isn’t that Lana Fox’s bike? She was a personality in the bicycle world.
I cry to think of her in a shopping cart, trundling through a DTES back alley.

I am grateful for all the pleasure she gave me, so much lightness, freedom and speed.

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