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Free Agent

I am about as “free” as I can be. No property, posessions or position; no parents, progeny or partner.

I didn’t plan it this way, but apparently, such was the Plan. I don’t often feel sad about my state – and it is rare enough, at my age – though I have my moments of confusion and panic. In one of which Ki, my dear “baby bro” (by inclination) made me laugh by consoling: it couldn’t happen to a better person.

And so, I am free.  Unbound by legal or conventional ties, to anyone or anything. I have no deed and I have no debt. Sometimes what I feel is vertigo, poised on the edge of a cliff between endless sky and depthless fall, without an anchor or a helium balloon.  I can fly, or i can fall forever, with nothing to snag me and nothing to hold me down.

I am as we all are, and always have been. Free, to love, without preference or prejudice.

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