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Only seeing one side of the moon

Monday, December 22nd, 2014

dark moonWhen you see forms or hear sounds fully engaging body-and-mind, you intuit dharmas intimately. Unlike things and their reflections in the mirror, and unlike the moon and its reflection in the water, when one side is illuminated, the other side is dark. –Eihei Dogen, Genjo Koan

I knew there would be darkness, outside and in. Can’t say no one warned me, I said, I understood. On this long night the dark lies thick as a rug and the rain falls like stones from the sky. I don’t mind the dark, and I don’t mind the rain, blackness warm as a sweater, rain caressing my spine.

But the blackness within, well—I knew that would come. I was warned. I understood. I was ready, I said. (more…)

The circle of the way

Friday, August 2nd, 2013

DogenMindfulness and a respectful heart in each moment are applied equally in meditation and other daily activities incuding work, interaction with others, and cleansing one’s body. Practicing and living in this way helps us to clearly see, understand, and value what is right before us as none other than the wholeness of life itself. As Dogen says, even our eating bowls are the body and mind of buddha ancestors.
-Kazuaki Tanahashi, Dogen reader

I am trying to spend these days in continuous practice. Cleansing my body takes time and care. It is best in late afternoon when the water in the hose runs hot and i can scrub my feet, my armpits, my back, with a soft brush and the hand-shaped soap Nora made. (more…)

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