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Dumpstering on Granville Island

Granville-Island-ShoppingI’ve been taking a course with Michael Stone down on Granville Island (more on that soon). The Island —which is technically not an Island but a Landfill—is an urban wonderland of hidden treasures and oddities. My coolest new discovery is the big green dumpster in front of the trés-upscale Public Market. Yesterday a quick exploration yielded carrots, green onions, and a package of baby pattypans. The day before, a fine cabbage, a perfectly good red pepper, many red and yellow potatoes, and a small spaghetti squash. There was lots more, considerately layered between waxed cardboard boxes to prevent the goods from getting crushed. But I only took what I needed, as i’m sure that dumpster gets a lot of customers. For our class potluck I made a spicy asian dumpster slaw. When people tell me it’s so expensive to live in Vancouver I just smile and say, depends where you shop.

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  1. Ha, ham, ha! The local Green Market is where most of my produce, eggs from free range hens, and raw butter comes from, too. Why shop anywhere else!

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