Put me back on my bike

Cycling is dangerous. Being alive is dangerous. Motion comes with risks.

If you ride a bike a lot, sooner or later you will have an accident. If you drive a car a lot, sooner or later you will have an accident. In the bike scenario you are less likely to be seriously injured, because you are not going at 100km/hr surrounded by metal and combustible fluids. In the car scenario, you are  more likely to be mangled if not killed. With car-dependence comes weakness and ill health, which means less resilience to injury. Everyone I know who bikes has had a skinned knee; everyone who drives has had whiplash or worse. Everyone knows someone who died in a car.

The bone doc says that while I am NOT to put any weight on my left leg til all the bones are knitted up, he’s not worried about me. You’ll be fine, he says—your heart and lungs are healthy, your muscles are strong, your circulation and immune systems are in good shape. You’ll heal ahead of the curve.

I’ll take the life of being alive with all its inherent risks.


One Commnet on “Put me back on my bike

  1. Great to see you back on your bike and a repaired site. I also was knocked off my bike by a car last year in the middle of radiotherapy for prostate cancer. As you know British police are wonderful and I was helicopterd to hospital . When I came to and the blood was washed away I was still alive with a few broken bones. So now I’m cycling and I’ve joined a gym for other aged folks .

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