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The Universe picks up the phone

I asked the Universe to send me a home. A quiet place to learn, and focus, and rest.

And this is what that dang Universe has dumped on my plate: the sweetest little lakeside cottage, where I sit now typing by the woodstove. Spacious and bright, with a comfy bed at the top of the spiral staircase. The sky shines down on my bed through the huge skylight, sun and stars and swaying trees. Wooden decks – two of them! – to sit wrapped in a blanket, meditating with the frogs. An enormous red cat who I saw snatch a bird right out the air. A wireless connection. A Polish grandpa next door. A canoe. And an army of huge spiders in the bathtub and sink.

A space to be, and focus, and learn. For … a month? Two months? The winter? Who knows! Alone for the winter on Cortes Island, it is a terrifying notion. But if I’m not terrified, at least a little, then what is the point?

I asked, and I received. And so here I am, blogging, reading, learning CSS and knitting fingerless gloves. Trying to release into the pleasure of just being, with the Universe looking on in fond amusement. Fear in my belly but faith as my guide.

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