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The Devices

I noticed today as I walked out the door, to hike in the forest, how good i felt, how physically light, how free…
My phone left on its charger, laptop in its case on the floor.
I know what benefits these devices give me, I don’t need to be sold – I bought in. I’m addicted.
What I need to know now is, how can I get free?

One Commnet on “The Devices

  1. i purposely broke my phone.
    have no need for a new one, ive been perfectly fine without it.
    and i traded in my laptop for a desktop thats so crappy I hate using it.

    I spend most of my time focused on college. meditating. and working on making myself a better person. and dieting because im a fatass. so far so good. but i still have so much more to do, and not enough time to do it, and not enough support from my family or friends, its hard. but i know in the end it will be worth my while.

    i dont even know why im writing this. you published this 2 years ago. and i stumbled across this site while looking for a picture of a human heart.

    but hey, ive got the flu and im bored off my ass.

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