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Guests at the Meditation Hostel

Cheryl left this morning on her scooter. A cheery and funky North Van bikeshevik, she pitched her big yellow tent on a platform and relished the rain and the deer bounding through the forest. Wendy is still here, a brisk British “karma yogi” who finished a stint at Hollyhock and then stayed in the cabin …

Dorje LIng, Life of Carmen, Uncategorized

The Babbling Buddha

The Babbling Buddha built Dorje Ling. Kenny is a failed monk and a drunken saint, now perched unsteadily on the wagon. An infuriating red-haired, red-skinned whirlwind. Dorje Ling is his heart, offered up as a gift of pure love. Dorje Ling is a wabi-sabi dharma ranch and a tumbledown hostel, a waystation for dharma bums …