About Carmen

Carmen Mills is a Vancouver-based writer, biker, troublemaker, and Director of Free Will. She recently completed a six-month Path of Service residency at the Upaya Zen Institute in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

A great proponent of reclaiming public space, and of Fun for Free, Carmen cut her mischief-making teeth at sundry Tribal Harmonix all-night dance parties, Critical Masses, Dinosaurs Against Fossil Fuels hijinx, Wholesome Undie rides, and other powerful silliness. She has worked for the Western Canada Wilderness Committee and Be The Change Earth Alliance, and is currently dedicated to helping to halt the insane Gateway Highway Expansion Project.

Carmen’s bigass projects have included Car Free Vancouver and the Car-Free Commercial Drive Festival, as well as Momentum: The Magazine for Self-propelled People. She does graphic design and event management through her company, Emerald City Communications.

These past few years Carmen has been something of a tumbleweed, flowing back and forth between The Peoples Republic of East Vancouver and the parallel universe of Cortes Island, B.C, where she sometimes makes coffee at Hollyhock and manages the Dorje Ling Dharma Centre.

Carmen is dedicated to creative service, and open to all interesting projects and opportunities. If you have an idea for creative partnership please get in touch.

Click here to see highlights of Carmen’s recent activities.

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